Yuzzzu Origin story

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About a decade ago, within the halls of Marvelous Digital SA, a passion for games was discovered and nurtured. A talented member of the team was spotted mastering the intricacies of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. This event sparked a spark, an idea, a concept. Why not transform this passion for gaming into something more?

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Shortly after, Marvelous Digital SA embarked on the gaming adventure, crafting unique and captivating experiences. A game inspired by Tamagotchis came to life, followed by another designed specifically for Olympic athletes. The game was no longer just a pastime; it had become a goal, a mission.

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Throughout this magical decade, the Marvelous Digital SA team devoted heart and soul to perfecting their craft. Every project we undertook enriched our expertise, showing us new ways to apply and harness gamification to create an impact. More than just a passing trend, we understood it to be a new way of thinking, interacting, and engaging.

Our journey was not without challenges. But like any company aiming for excellence, we gleaned lessons from each obstacle and opportunity. In retrospect, we can clearly see how these experiences shaped our vision, strengthened our skills, and broadened our reach.

Our efforts culminate in the creation of Yuzzzu, a dedicated Business Unit for gamification. It is not only the product of our successes, but also of our learning. A representation of our determination to rethink conventions and introduce new dimensions into the professional world.

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Yuzzzu is more than just a name; it is an expression of our essence and dreams. At Yuzzzu, we strive to create game-inspired experiences, ranging from board games to video games, and encompassing all forms of playful activities that defy traditional categorization—all with the aim of fulfilling business objectives.

Gamification isn't merely a tool at Yuzzzu; it's our philosophy, our DNA. We believe that games can inspire, motivate, and transform. Whether it's boosting team productivity, enhancing customer engagement, or even reshaping training, Yuzzzu is here to make the experience not only effective but also enjoyable, engaging, and inspiring.

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The story of Yuzzzu is just beginning. We continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with gamification, in a constant quest for innovation and improvement. Join us in this exciting journey, for at Yuzzzu, the game is just starting.

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