A blend of strategic vision, technical expertise, and a bold approach to game design and development.

We are committed to understanding your business, immersing users in captivating experiences, ensuring technological authenticity and uphold impeccable quality standards. With experts boasting over 10 years of experience, we're here to fuel your business growth.

Meet the team

Azizah Boo


Meet Azizah, the driving force behind Yuzzzu. With over a decade of expertise in communication strategy, event engagement concepts, and game design, Azizah is at the intersection of innovation and business growth. Her unwavering commitment to transforming ideas into impactful experiences has positioned Yuzzzu as a powerhouse in gamified strategies.

Quentin de Lattre

Game Strategist

Say hi to Quentin, our brilliant Game Strategist at Yuzzzu. With a keen mathematical mind and a flair for turning the ordinary into fun, Quentin is the driving force behind our innovative projects. He guides our clients with calm expertise, infusing strategic brilliance into every step. Quentin has the ability to transform every challenge into engaging adventures!

Nicolas Schluchter

Game Designer & Developer

Introducing Nicolas, our exceptional game designer and developer. With a razor-sharp mind, he breathes life into our gamified concepts, meticulously crafting them from initial spark to polished masterpiece. His profound passion for Japan and the world of video games enriches our creative arsenal, infusing cultural depth into every project.

Georgia Baeni

UX/UI Designer

Meet Georgia, our exceptional UX/UI Designer. Her unparalleled ability to grasp the intricate nuances of our clients' worlds and her unwavering commitment to the minutest of details make her an indispensable asset. With a mastery of immersive design, Georgia weaves captivating interfaces for our games, effortlessly fusing aesthetics and functionality.

Claude Rime

Junior Game Developer

Meet Claude, our Junior Game Developer. From inception to execution, his commitment to quality shines through. He crafts and fine-tunes game elements, ensuring a flawless user experience. With a calm and meticulous approach, he ensures impeccable quality through thorough testing.


Chief Happiness Officer

Say woof to Pocket, our spirited Jack Russell Terrier. With boundless energy and an unyielding love for play, she fills our office with laughter and warmth. As our Chief Happiness Officer, she never fails to inspire us with her enthusiasm and tender affection. Always in motion, she chases her beloved ball around, reminding us to find joy in every moment.

Yuzzzu - gamification division of Matters! Group

Matters! Group is dedicated to fostering business growth through digital expertise. As the premier gamification strategist within the group, Yuzzzu emerged from burgeoning market opportunities, embodying our commitment to innovation.

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