125th Anniversary of the CVCI - A Successful Interactive Experience

Picture a jubilant general assembly held in Lausanne's Beaulieu Hall, with nearly 80 exhibiting companies spread across 4 thematic zones and around 1,000 visitors.

How can we ensure that each exhibitor is visible, and that all visitors can explore the stands?

Our solution: a randomly generated online questionnaire, comprising questions from one company in each thematic zone, with all content provided by the exhibitors themselves. This approach ensured fair visibility and a harmonious distribution of visitors.


The jubilant general assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vaud (CVCI) marked its 125th anniversary. However, the diversity of exhibiting companies and the number of visitors presented a challenge. CVCI approached us to ensure optimal visibility for exhibitors and an enjoyable experience for visitors.

The answer

We developed an original solution that transformed CVCI's 125th Anniversary into a memorable interactive experience. We created individual and random online questionnaires, comprising questions from one company in each thematic zone, with content provided by the exhibitors. This approach piqued visitors' curiosity, encouraging them to explore all the stands. Thanks to random distribution, each exhibitor had an equal chance, and visitors discovered the entire exhibition space.


The first edition of this interactive experience at CVCI's 125th Anniversary was a triumph, with enthusiastic visitor participation and increased visibility for exhibitors. Moreover, it collected valuable information for future improvements. The upcoming year promises even more innovations, as we will continue to develop this interactive experience to make it even more appealing to exhibitors and visitors alike. Stay tuned for an even more captivating CVCI event in 2024!

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