Explore Vevey - Think you know your city?

A free and fun experience to discover the many facets of the town.

The year 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of the Marvelous Digital agency and its presence in the Vevey landscape.

Therefore, Yuzzzu has leveraged its expertise in gamification to implement a multipartite project that highlights the city, its commercial entities, and the relationships the agency has cultivated with these partners over time.


The 'Explore Vevey' initiative aims to provide an innovative treasure hunt, scattering 25 hiding spots throughout the town. Each of these spots represents a prominent location in Vevey, offering an entertaining, free, and all-inclusive discovery for everyone.

The answer

Explore Vevey offers a playful treasure hunt experience, with 25 hiding spots scattered across the city, each representing an iconic location. Assisted by brochures distributed for free at tourism offices and/or on the game's dedicated webpage, participants decode the 25 clues in the form of riddles, leading them to these designated places. Upon arrival, players must locate the metal plates representing the game, then scan the QR codes to validate their find and explore these remarkable sites.


Since its launch in September 2023, this initiative has seen remarkable enthusiasm from participants, amassing over 800 QR code scans. With a community of over 200 active players, the game has not only encouraged the discovery of 25 iconic sites but has also generated a significant digital impact, resulting in a notable increase of +500 Instagram followers in just 2 months. These results attest to the attraction and commitment sparked by this immersive experience in Vevey, highlighting its undeniable success. As the game is enduring and its setup permanent, the upcoming year promises even more participation upon the return of spring.

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