Montreux Christmas Market - Candy Cane Hunt

The Montreux Christmas Market embraced an innovative and entertaining attraction called the "Candy Cane Hunt," aimed at boosting foot traffic along the quays while enhancing visitor engagement.

The project centered around the creation of 5 giant candy canes (approx. 160 cm), cleverly hidden in various strategic spots throughout the market. Through targeted marketing initiatives, participants were encouraged to locate these candy canes and scan their corresponding QR codes to access the dedicated contest webpage.


Objective: Attracting and retaining visitors to the Montreux Christmas Market This initiative aimed to pique visitors' interest by enticing them to take part in an attractive contest. Upon discovering a candy cane and scanning its QR code, participants entered an immediate lottery for a chance to win one of the numerous prizes available each day (825 prizes in total). The game spanned the entire duration of the Christmas Market, from November 23rd to December 24th, 2023, ensuring an extended and engaging experience.

The answer

Our Solution: An interactive and appealing experience The Candy Cane Hunt revolved around the quest to find and uncover the 5 hidden candy canes. After scanning the QR code, participants were required to confirm their presence by performing a check-in, triggering a GPS verification to confirm their precise location within the designated candy cane areas. This strategy not only validated their discovery but also prevented misuse of check-ins after leaving the market. In addition to the daily draws, contest registration automatically granted entry into the final grand draw, offering an opportunity to win attractive prizes.


Results: Remarkable engagement and retention The game garnered engagement from 5231 participants, of whom 896 discovered the candy canes. A total of over 8,000 check-ins were recorded, indicating an average of more than 9 visits per participant. All 825 available prizes were won, with 588 of them collected. With an average duration of 2.85 days between winning and prize collection, these figures validate the success of retention, encouraging visitors to return and claim their prizes. The initiative showcased significant participation and retention among participants, emphasizing the success of this immersive experience at the Montreux Christmas Market. Consolidating this strategy for future editions promises even greater participation and enhanced visitor retention.

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