My Cailler Cow

A game to celebrate over a century of tradition and expertise in the art of making Cailler chocolate.

How to reignite love after the storm?

Discover how a chocolate brand successfully engaged its consumers around one of its core values: local production using genuine milk from Gruyère, all thanks to a rather unexpected game.


In 2013, after facing challenges due to tactical choices, the Swiss chocolate brand Cailler felt the need to rejuvenate its image and reconnect with its consumers. Our mission was to reinvent and rekindle the relationship that consumers hold dear with this beloved brand.

The answer

We developed an interactive Tamagotchi-style game featuring adorable little cows, My Cailler Cow. This project aimed to create an engaging and playful experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in the world of Cailler while strengthening their emotional bond with the brand. Players were invited to adopt and care for their own virtual cows, which were essential for the production of the high-quality milk used in Cailler chocolate. The cows needed to be fed, cuddled, and protected from rain in order to be happy and produce top-quality milk. Players collected this precious milk by taking care of their cows and meeting their needs. As a reward for their efforts, participants received Cailler chocolate.


The My Cailler Cow game was a resounding success, captivating a wide range of players and creating a real buzz on social media. Positive feedback and signs of affection for the Cailler brand poured in, reinforcing the company's positive image. At that time, the game even reached twelfth place among the most popular mainstream games in Switzerland, testifying to its considerable impact. In summary, the My Cailler Cow project demonstrated how an innovative and interactive approach can rejuvenate an iconic brand, strengthen its relationship with consumers, and generate long-lasting enthusiasm within the community.

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